Target Tracking Optimization of UAV Swarms Based on Dual-Pheromone Clustering

Overcoming partitioning in large ad hoc networks using genetic algorithms

Metaheuristics-based Exploration Strategies for Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning

CONSOLE: intruder detection using a UAV swarm and security rings

Optimization of Carsharing Fleet Placement in Round-Trip Carsharing Service

In a round-trip carsharing system, stations must be located in such a way that allow for maximum user coverage with the least walking …

Community Detection in Complex Networks: A Survey on Local Approaches

A Q-Learning Based Hyper-Heuristic for Generating Efficient UAV Swarming Behaviours

Tackling Large-Scale and Combinatorial Bi-Level Problems With a Genetic Programming Hyper-Heuristic

Workshop 9: PDCO Parallel / Distributed Combinatorics and Optimization

Optimizing the Performance of an Unpredictable UAV Swarm for Intruder Detection

NGAP: a novel hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for round-trip carsharing fleet planning

Emerging Inter-Swarm Collaboration for Surveillance Using Pheromones and Evolutionary Techniques

Design Challenges of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Learning Systems

Competitive Evolution of a UAV Swarm for Improving Intruder Detection Rates

Bayesian optimisation to select Rossler system parameters used in Chaotic Ant Colony Optimisation for Coverage

Autonomous Flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Automated design of efficient swarming behaviours: a Q-learning hyper-heuristic approach

A vertex-similarity clustering algorithm for community detection

A Cooperative Coevolutionary Approach to Maximise Surveillance Coverage of UAV Swarms

Internet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles—A Multilayer Low-Altitude Airspace Model for Distributed UAV Traffic Management

Trustworthiness in IoT - A Standards Gap Analysis on Security, Data Protection and Privacy

Toward real-world vehicle placement optimization in round-trip carsharing

Privacy and Security of Big Data in AI Systems: A Research and Standards Perspective

Local memory boosts label propagation for community detection

Link Definition Ameliorating Community Detection in Collaboration Networks

Introduction to PDCO 2019

GP hyper-heuristic for the travelling salesman problem

Collision Avoidance Effects on the Mobility of a UAV Swarm Using Chaotic Ant Colony with Model Predictive Control

Automatic Software Tuning of Parallel Programs for Energy-Aware Executions

A Multilayer Low-Altitude Airspace Model for UAV Traffic Management

A memory-based label propagation algorithm for community detection

A GP Hyper-Heuristic Approach for Generating TSP Heuristics

Visualizing the Template of a Chaotic Attractor

Single and Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for Clustering Biomedical Information with Unknown Number of Clusters

RapidRMSD: rapid determination of RMSDs corresponding to motions of flexible molecules

Introduction to PDCO 2018

Clustering approaches for visual knowledge exploration in molecular interaction networks

Chaos-enhanced mobility models for multilevel swarms of UAVs

Bayesian optimization to enhance coverage performance of a swarm of UAV with chaotic dynamics

A scalable parallel cooperative coevolutionary PSO algorithm for multi-objective optimization

A Memory-Based Label Propagation Algorithm for Community Detection

A Competitive Approach for Bi-Level Co-Evolution

Coverage Optimization with Connectivity Preservation for UAV Swarms Applying Chaotic Dynamics

Area exploration with a swarm of UAVs combining deterministic chaotic ant colony mobility with position MPC

Defending Against Intrusion of Malicious UAVs with Networked UAV Defense Swarms

Chaotic Traversal (CHAT): Very Large Graphs Traversal Using Chaotic Dynamics

ASIMUT Project: Aid to SItuation Management Based on MUltimodal, MUltiUAVs, MUltilevel Acquisition Techniques

A new Co-evolutionary Algorithm Based on Constraint Decomposition

Using heterogeneous multilevel swarms of UAVs and high-level data fusion to support situation management in surveillance scenarios

UAV Multilevel Swarms for Situation Management

UAV Fleet Mobility Model with Multiple Pheromones for Tracking Moving Observation Targets

Hybrid mobility model with pheromones for UAV detection task

From Random Process to Chaotic Behavior in Swarms of UAVs

Evolutionary Algorithms for the Inverse Protein Folding Problem

A parallel cooperative coevolutionary SMPSO algorithm for multi-objective optimization

Preference-Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Bio-Inspired NK Landscape Benchmark

Power Allocation in Multibeam Satellite Systems: A Two-Stage Multi-Objective Optimization

Optimizing communication satellites payload configuration with exact approaches

NK Landscape Instances Mimicking the Protein Inverse Folding Problem Towards Future Benchmarks

Mitigating flash crowd effect using connected vehicle technology

An NK Landscape Based Model Mimicking the Protein Inverse Folding Problem

Adopting trust and assurance as indicators for the reassignment of responsibilities in multi-agent systems

A Novel Multi-objectivisation Approach for Optimising the Protein Inverse Folding Problem

Visualization and classification of protein secondary structures using Self-Organizing Maps

Optimising small-world properties in VANETs: Centralised and distributed overlay approaches

Multi-objective evolutionary approach for the satellite payload power optimization problem

Hybridisation Schemes for Communication Satellite Payload Configuration Optimisation

Evolutionary Algorithms for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Cooperative Selection: Improving Tournament Selection via Altruism

Using data-flow analysis in MAS for power-aware HPC runs

Minimising Longest Path Length in Communication Satellite Payloads via Metaheuristics

Evaluation of Dynamic Communities in Large-scale Vehicular Networks

An Overlay Approach for Optimising Small-World Properties in VANETs

Novel efficient asynchronous cooperative co-evolutionary multi-objective algorithms

The Necessity for Strong Reciprocators in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Satellite Payload Reconfiguration Optimisation: An ILP Model.

Generation of Realistic Traces for Vehicular Mobility Simulations

Generation of Realistic Mobility for VANETs Using Genetic Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithm Parameter Tuning with Sensitivity Analysis

Energy-Efficient Computing using Agent-Based Multi-Objective Dynamic Optimization

Efficient Hierarchical Task Scheduling on GRIDS Accounting for Computation and Communications

A vehicular mobility model based on real traffic counting data

A Platform for Realistic Online Vehicular Network Management

A Multi-Agent Organizational Framework for Coevolutionary Optimization

Towards Connectivity Improvement in VANETs using Bypass Links

Multi-objective Optimization for Information Sharing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

A Multi-Agent Organizational Model for Coevolutionary Optimization

Optimal Interconnection of Ad Hoc Injection Networks

Evaluation of Different Optimization Techniques in the Design of Ad Hoc Injection Networks

A Context-Aware Broadcast Protocol for Mobile Wireless Networks

Simulating Realistic Mobility Models for Large Heterogeneous MANETs

hLCGA: A Hybrid Competitive Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm

Evaluations of Strategies for Co-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithms: dLCGA Case Study

Dafo, a multi-agent framework for decomposable functions optimization

Agent-Based Optimization of Business Functions Using Coevolutionary Algorithms